What I would like to be doing right now...

Sitting in a coffee shop, drinking a latte, discussing something fabulous and earth shattering or making plans to change the world.
What am I doing instead? Listening to my son tell me about different methods of torture while this song plays in my head.




There is more to life than sex!

Yes, its true. There is food, there is drink… and there is the Bacon Brothers Band

So, Bacon Brothers… please work on your You Tube collection. I would like to hear more. It seems that you would have more than 5 of your own videos out there, unless you’re trying to be like Prince, who just needs to accept that I will listen to his music for free, if [...]




Kid Stuff?

So, I was driving today with my 7 hundred children and “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry came on…

Now, I will say I think its an ok song. Since the first time I heard it, I’ve had the wrong lyrics in my head (“it tastes like cherry chocolate”) so it kind of annoys me since I’m a freak about having the right lyrics. Send me a song, and I’ll [...]