Holding the Reins

There are days when everything goes just as planned. We wake up, we eat, we go to school or work (or Starbucks), we come home, do homework, play, eat, bathe, clean and go to bed (or work more) and everything is wonderful.
In all honesty, those days are pretty rare, since there is always some fire to put out, some strange event that messes up the routine. Lately, its been my [...]


The Work at Home Mom

I’m sure, from one time to another, that you have considered the possibility of working from home in order to achieve that “elusive life-work balance.”
I’m sure, as well, that you’ve done your research. Maybe you’ve been burned by the places that ask for an initial investment or want you to host home parties to sell cack (big hint: hire a hot bartender). Perhaps you’ve answered a Craigslist ad about posting [...]