Summer Writing Workshop!

Need something to keep your mind buzzing while you’re at the pool, or sweating your way to and from work? Join us for our Summer Writing Workshop, June 20 – August 31, for help, encouragement, and ideas to keep your creative juices flowing. Whether you are a professional writer, an amateur, or just looking to test the writing waters, you need this workshop!
Its on the Forum, so register today!


Freelancing 101 Workshop on HippyMom!

Technology has made freelancing possible for millions of people in today’s marketplace. In Freelancing 101 we’ll discuss how you can determine your niche; how to market yourself online; and how to maintain a professional life while working from home.


Tuning Your Senses Workshop on HippyMom!

Back by popular demand, LadyHawk is hosting her Tuning Your Senses I workshop!

This online workshop will help you become aware of vibrations of energy that are inside us and  experience other dimensions of reality and other energy bands that are around us.
Highlights of the workshop include:
Establishing Your Personal Power Spot
Energizing Your Power Center
Finding Your Power Animal
Using Plant Medicine
Stone Allies
Taking Responsibility
For more information, click here!