Giant, Inflatable Tacos

So, up in the “Melia’s Lessons” link, there is a brief history of the last decade of my life that is pretty much the basis for every complaint and joy I have today.
Lesson #11 – You will need years to establish yourself as a sane person in the sea of women you encounter. It doesn’t matter what happens, everyone will think you are insane at one point or another. Just [...]


Feminist Icon?

“You don’t take human life like this…” she says, regarding her execution.
Not sure what the hell is going on with the YouTube Aileen Wuornos weirdness of the past month, but damn. The only people, IMO, who look to Ms. Wuornos as an icon are probably in need of a whole lot of therapy themselves.
Yes, she was abused, she was raped, she fell through the cracks and she was a murderer. [...]


Reflections from a Hippie Mom

I really never thought of myself as a hippie until recently.  I guess I really always was one, and it is rather funny to me that I never realized it until I came to Hippymom a few years ago.  I am 50 years old, so I remember hippies of the 60s and 70s and all the things that being a hippie represented back then.   I saw them on TV with flowers in [...]


I've Been Thinking

After spending the morning in a classroom full of Kindergarteners, then running errands and thus avoiding work for the past 7 hours… I am awesome.
I am awesome because no matter what, I make time for my kids. I work, sometimes I manage to clean, and I pretty much devote each and every moment to making sure the kids’ needs are taken care of, even if its just by writing an [...]


How Much is Too Much?

When I was around eight, after my Dad left me again or after a suspicious family reunion in which my now-deceased, convicted child molester uncle may have played a role in some fuzzy memory I’ve not yet addressed, I got fat.
I hate saying that, but its true. I went from being the smallest girl in my class (height & weight) to a shockingly overweight version of that former child. I [...]


I Don't Know What My Grandmother Said...

…but it could have been shit.
I love her, don’t get me wrong, but I cringe when she calls.
A. L. O. T.
So, today, I bit the bullet and answered the phone. I may have hesitated, I may have thought of 200 reasons not to push that little button, but out of family obligation, I did it. So, here’s a transcript of the 30:33 phone call.
GM: “Well, you ARE alive!”
Me: Kinda, yeah. [...]


Taking the Day Off

Ironically, even if I’m blogging it, today I have sworn to take off from any sort of work. Blogging isn’t work, right?
A few notes from my week:
I had my eyebrows waxed a few weeks ago and, honestly, I wasn’t happy with the results. She asked me if they were ok, and I thought, “what are you going to do if I say, ‘no?’” Since then, I’ve had the recurring thought [...]