The longest weekend ever...

For some reason, because of election day, our schools choose to close for 2 days in early November. I’m ASSuming its so they can certify the voting machines, set up tables, etc., but DAMN, this is inconvenient. So, this is officially the longest weekend ever, since the Husband is out of town and I have no backup.
I was talking to a friend last night who said that she remembers being [...]


Vote for Equality! Vote for Love! Get Out and Vote!

Fellow readers, in 5 days, you have a huge say in our government – federal, state and local. Aside from the Presidential election, your vote will determine not only the rights of same-sex couples to marry, but also for childrens’ rights to a happy home with a single parent, unmarried couples and/or same-sex parents.
The choice is simple, really. You can choose to tell your neighbors how to live their lives, [...]