Social Media is Ugly

I tried to write a professional-sounding blog for my professional-looking website that defines my professional nature and what I do when I’m not screwing around online… but I couldn’t do it.
Why? Because there is no good way to tell someone that perhaps their social media campaign is stalling due to their appearance or the appearance of their profile. This goes far beyond the stereotypical social profile that shows a topless [...]


Boobs for Anissa

I personally think its genius, and I’mma get one so I can have a reason to have boobs on my wall, it will totally freak out my 11-year old, plus, I can giggle as I Tweet… and it really is a good cause.


Special Blog For a Special Person

@CodeNameMama Pull up a beanbag, grab some cheese straws and a filty martini, and listen up. I somehow managed to care enough about my feet last summer to get two pedicures. The first one was uneventful, but the second one went a little like this