Earth to Melia!

Hi, remember me?
Just when I thought things were getting easy, making sense, finding a rhythm… its been like a month of hell.
Hell, I say!
In a nutshell… I had a pretty big cut in my hours/finances, which hit me like a ton of bricks. Leading to more insomnia, panic, rage and angst. Maybe a tear or two (don’t tell anyone). This precarious freelance life is great, but, wow, it was all [...]


Two Hours of Fame

I have really begun to enjoy the time I volunteer at the Elementary Kids’ school, especially since 75% of my kids are there and its literally a 3 minute walk from my house. That may be a Stepford perk, come to think of it, one of maybe three. The others may revolve around the drama I get to make up while spying on my neighbors.
I don’t do that. Much.
Today, I [...]


Poo on Columbus Day

Three-day weekends mess with my head. Most people look forward to them, but the fact is that no matter what is going on in the “real world” out there, I have to work or I don’t get paid, and that kind of pisses me off. Government and school holidays be damned, I want a Melia Day where I don’t tire my fingers out and still get a nice little gift [...]


Its Over! Its Over!

Birthday Hell Week has come to an end. Three birthdays in six days requiring cakes (not that I did those, but its still pressure, yo), presents, and the rest of the festivities (oh, wait, I don’t do those stupid huge parties anymore)… but, its over, and I can rest.
Enigma is 10 now, and I had the great honor of telling him that the uncle he was named after was at [...]


Stop Complaining About the Weather!

It is the summer of my discontent. Its freaking hot, and with a bunch of children to entertain, the heat makes things much more difficult. However, I shall prevail over this weather madness. I survived the Snowpacalypse, I shall survive the burning streets of Northern VA hell. Ouch.
Saturday found us in the depths of this weather, in DC, doing the monuments/museums tour. Freedom had never been into DC, and I’d [...]


Happy Solstice!

Summer Solstice, historically, is a time to celebrate the joy and warmth of summer, and an opportunity to release fears and sadness. It honors the feeling you get when you open your door and walk out into a perfect, sun-shining day. Make the most of today, folks, even if you’re not one of the barefoot hippies I like to call my friends. Summer is here!
My weekend was bittersweet. I put [...]


I Heart My Dentist

Its the time of the year when I scramble around to make sure everyone’s eyes, teeth and other weird body parts are where they should be. Dental appointments with four children are not on my top 10 list of things I want to spend my time doing, so this year, I opted to split the pain between two appointments – girls vs. boys. Who will win the great cavity war? [...]


Hi, I'm on Acid.

The only thing funnier than nipple-concealing petals was the woman behind me who high-tailed it to the next aisle as I took photos of bras with my phone. I think she may have left a child behind in her haste to get away from the crazy lady on acid who thinks its hilarious to take photos of lingerie in Target while slurping her real (I think) latte and pretending she’s actually one of the “normal” ones.