Today's Observations

Now, completely determined to educate my 4 year old daughters about reproduction, I said that boy/girl twins were possible because all that “twin” meant was that they were born together


Hello, Monday!

I’m all alone with 700 children and 835 animals. The Husband is off on a business trip this week, then he’ll be gone again next week. Muahahahahaha. I feel like rolling around on the carpet, naked, but then I realize that not a whole lot has changed, except that now I don’t have friendly reminders for all the stuff I forget. All hail sticky notes, especially those plastered all over [...]


The Weekend Report

By Melia, the tired.
My girls and I left for the wedding at 8am on Friday, traveling to a magical land we’ll call Weddingshire. Dr. Nightmare, my navigator, assured me that by driving down a highway instead of an interstate, we would arrive at our dreadful destination 30 minutes earlier than driving via interstate. We weren’t in a hurry, and I fondly remembered that on former trips to Weddingshire as a [...]