I Disagree Because...

That was the beginning of a sentence that Enigma wrote in answer to a math problem on his homework today. “I disagree because…”
I just want to say that for Enigma, that is a HUGE beginning to a sentence, for numerous Aspie reasons. That, to me, is the proof of reading comprehension, something that he has sorely lacked for a long time now, unless he was reading about one of his [...]


Ye Olde Resolutions Blog

As I sit here, working on hour #9 of listening to 80′s Music Choice, staring at Huey Lewis and thinking about the rumors of his very large, uh, shoes, and having eaten horseradish cheese chased with peanut butter cups, I’m all hopeful and stuff. I blame the horseradish and peanut butter combination.
Hot lovin’ every night!
No, that’s not a resolution, but it would be nice. Its been a while. Like, a [...]