Breaking News!!

My essay is done, pending a few edits. DONE. 58 pages plus bibliography and portfolio. My brain is a stew of caramel delight with a touch of Tom Robbins wit and humor thrown in for good measure. Sadly, he has little to do with my paper except for providing me with the inspiration to move forward.
When we’re incomplete, we’re always searching for somebody to complete us. When, after a few [...]


From "Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas"

By the sensuously unsurpassed Tom Robbins…
“You can love ‘em till your well runs dry, Belford, but you can never love ‘em enough, and you know it. No matter how much others might love you, you can’t love yourself unless you’re in charge of your own actions, and you’ll never take charge as long as you can get away with blaming your shortcomings and misfortunes on your family or society or [...]