Earth to Melia!

Hi, remember me?
Just when I thought things were getting easy, making sense, finding a rhythm… its been like a month of hell.
Hell, I say!
In a nutshell… I had a pretty big cut in my hours/finances, which hit me like a ton of bricks. Leading to more insomnia, panic, rage and angst. Maybe a tear or two (don’t tell anyone). This precarious freelance life is great, but, wow, it was all [...]


On a Typical Morning...

The Imperial March begins to play on my phone… I wake up with Twitches in my bed, an Enigma reminding me that I do have to get up, and an insane urge to down a pot of coffee like a frat boy. We get out of my bed, stumble down the stairs, yell at Emo Boy to get his butt up, and start the morning with smiles, rainbows and a [...]


How Feminism Saved My Life

Draft surfing (42 drafts? Jeebus!) brought me this 2 year old unpublished gem. This was either right before some shitty things went down with Martian, or right after. Its probably when I really did start taking care of myself over his needs, and not out of anger, but self-preservation.  I was also in the throes of the last semester of my Women’s Studies degree; the best and most useless degree [...]


Now Hiring: Melia's Intern

In recent months, it has come to light that I’m one busy, badass mother… um… yeah. No, seriously, I’m swamped, all the time. I love it, I hate it, but its the truth and I’m just kind of at the point where I am no longer too proud to ask for help. The problem? I don’t actually have enough income to pay someone on a regular basis to take some [...]


An Ode to the End of the World

Heh, I lied. Its not an ode, its just me rambling. Surprise!
In a sense, its pretty interesting that the Mayan calendar may or may not choose this particular year to end, especially since I may have a personal sense of getting my own shit together.
I’m relaunching a website in, oh, less than a month. Despite the hurdles I’ve been flinging myself into over this six year old albatross around my [...]


What an Effin' Week!

I made it through y’all’s Christmas with flying colors. I saw my friends, my sister, and got to spend a whole lot of QT with a pretty great Scorpio. I ended up having an extra day without The Crew, actually, and while I would have enjoyed a little more notice with that, it worked out fine and everyone is happy. I am… happy.
The rest of the week, so far, has [...]



Synthesizing Identities

As most of you know, Melia Lore is a pseudonym. For those who don’t know, well, Melia Lore is a pseudonym. My name is actually Madonna… um, no, my name really isn’t important. In fact, the reason I have a pseudonym is to protect my real self from the dangerous stalkers (not the awesome ones) and freaks online that may, one day, try to find me and take random photos of [...]