Tuesday is for Trippin'

Evidently, the Universe heard my plea for more fun and has granted me two nights of insomnia. I’m a lucky gal.
Those stupid, stupid thoughts that bounce around my brain because idiots and assholes can’t seem to understand that the world does not revolve around them.
Making new friends eventually requires discussing past issues, taking the fun out of a lot of things.
Maybe I think too much.
Gangsta rap.
20 year olds who question [...]


So, That Whole Anxiety Thing...

Its helpful when a tarot reader is psychic. Just sayin’.
Saturday, I got a slew of legal information that kind of blew my head off, in a good way. Then, I spent 4 hours with my sister, drinking coffee. That evening, Freedom and I went to dinner and then to the ER.
And, so, it began.
My BFF is hospitalized, no idea if/when he will be released.
I spent more time with Martian than [...]