100 Things I Love

I had this other blog that detailed my sudden urge to prioritize my life, but somehow it was eaten by gremlins, so I’ve decided to go beyond the call of duty and just list everything I love.
In no particular order, I present, my top 100 excuses for not cleaning things I love.
1. The Internet
2. Honey
3. Avocados
4. My kids (I could list them separately, but that’s kind of cheating, right?)
5. Typing
6. [...]


Spring Break, Allergies, Laptops, Passion and Zest

Its Spring Break here in Melialand. Yesterday, it rained off and on all day, and I made slime and playdough for the kidlets, trying to stave off boredom and maybe give me 30 minutes to complete work/school/any logical thought beyond how much I hate Spring Break.
Today its a balmy 50 degrees. Well, that’s what its supposed to be. I’m waiting ever-so-patiently for Spring to actually BREAK and bring some long-awaited [...]