Bulls Scare the Pee Outta Me

Finally, a day out of NoVa!
The kiddos, Freedom and I took the opportunity to flee Stepford on Saturday and head, well, anywhere. It was well past time to get the hell out and have some fun. Out. Away. Gone. Vamoosed.
Did we go to Baltimore and hang out at the Inner Harbor?
Did we go MOTORIN’! with go-karts and eat funnel cakes?
Did we frolic through DC?
You see, after about an hour of [...]


In Support of Spirit Day

I was reading a book about bullying to The Twitches last night, thinking about how much bullying has affected the lives of my own children. Bullies, the book says, can be boys or girls, children or adults. They bully because they don’t like themselves, because they want to feel powerful. Heh.
“Do you feel like a man when you push her around?” the song says…

Emo Boy was taunted as [...]


Poo on Columbus Day

Three-day weekends mess with my head. Most people look forward to them, but the fact is that no matter what is going on in the “real world” out there, I have to work or I don’t get paid, and that kind of pisses me off. Government and school holidays be damned, I want a Melia Day where I don’t tire my fingers out and still get a nice little gift [...]


Bizarro World, Revisited

I’ve not had anything really, really weird happen to me in quite a few months. I remember somewhat enjoying the thought that as soon as I stepped out my door, Bizarro World was awaiting me.
So, then it stopped and I was smack in the middle of THE REALITY OF MELIALAND – which has sucked, but that’s ok, because its getting better each day.
I digress.
I also love the word, “digress.” Unless [...]


Stop Complaining About the Weather!

It is the summer of my discontent. Its freaking hot, and with a bunch of children to entertain, the heat makes things much more difficult. However, I shall prevail over this weather madness. I survived the Snowpacalypse, I shall survive the burning streets of Northern VA hell. Ouch.
Saturday found us in the depths of this weather, in DC, doing the monuments/museums tour. Freedom had never been into DC, and I’d [...]


Happy Solstice!

Summer Solstice, historically, is a time to celebrate the joy and warmth of summer, and an opportunity to release fears and sadness. It honors the feeling you get when you open your door and walk out into a perfect, sun-shining day. Make the most of today, folks, even if you’re not one of the barefoot hippies I like to call my friends. Summer is here!
My weekend was bittersweet. I put [...]


The Blog is Mightier than the Sword

That’s an awesome title.
I had an awesome weekend.
I’m concerned at how much I actually use the word, “awesome,” lately.
This weekend’s awesomeness included a trip to Baltimore. Baltimore isn’t really that awesome, its actually pretty bleak and can be somewhat foreboding, but if it was good enough for John Hughes, its good enough for me. I finally got to another baseball game, an event I uncharacteristically love even as I laugh [...]


Fall is for Football!

The rules. Well, I’m sure that after I play for a while, actually watch a football game and learn how to play football, I may understand them a bit better. Its truly a game for people who know the rules of football, which I don’t, but I had a great time playing, regardless.