Talking to a Wall

I don’t want to sound all superior, but I wanted to state, on record, that I do talk to walls. Lessons in futility, that thing about insanity being the action of doing the same thing over again, expecting different results, etc. My wheels doth spin, and its frustrating, so I’m done.
You’re done being vague?
Hell, no. I want to be able to look back on this in the years to come [...]


The Waiting Room...

It kind of kept going on like that for at least six days. Or, maybe 40 minutes, but I wasn’t counting. I was patiently waiting to die and be eaten by my own children and the other aliens in the waiting room.



Fall is for Football!

The rules. Well, I’m sure that after I play for a while, actually watch a football game and learn how to play football, I may understand them a bit better. Its truly a game for people who know the rules of football, which I don’t, but I had a great time playing, regardless.



Hello, November!

It was a great night… between Enigma walking through the neighborhood scraping his foil around (oh, and he had silver dryer duct stuff on his arms and legs) and Dozer jumping around, screaming “yahoo!!” every time she got candy, it was a great Halloween.