Earth to Melia!

Hi, remember me?
Just when I thought things were getting easy, making sense, finding a rhythm… its been like a month of hell.
Hell, I say!
In a nutshell… I had a pretty big cut in my hours/finances, which hit me like a ton of bricks. Leading to more insomnia, panic, rage and angst. Maybe a tear or two (don’t tell anyone). This precarious freelance life is great, but, wow, it was all [...]


There's Autism, Then There is Asperger's, and, of Course, Autism

Six years ago, Enigma was diagnosed with autism.
Five years ago, Enigma was diagnosed with a developmental delay, not autism.
Four years ago, Enigma was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, a developmental delay, not autism, but maybe something like SID.
Three years ago, Enigma was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.
Three years ago, I resigned myself to the fact that Enigma was… Enigma. In those years, I researched everything I could. Gluten-free diets, chelation therapy, occupational therapy, [...]


I Disagree Because...

That was the beginning of a sentence that Enigma wrote in answer to a math problem on his homework today. “I disagree because…”
I just want to say that for Enigma, that is a HUGE beginning to a sentence, for numerous Aspie reasons. That, to me, is the proof of reading comprehension, something that he has sorely lacked for a long time now, unless he was reading about one of his [...]


Turn the Page

Maybe, soon, I’ll stop with the writing analogies. Or not. Its a theme, and, this is my 2nd blog in a week in a looooong time. Whatever works, right?
I’m much better after my emotional meltdown. Feeling things, and not stuffing them back in, is interesting. Its not my usual style, so I’m getting used to it. But, we move forward.
Last night, I was hungry. This may seem like a non-issue [...]


In Support of Spirit Day

I was reading a book about bullying to The Twitches last night, thinking about how much bullying has affected the lives of my own children. Bullies, the book says, can be boys or girls, children or adults. They bully because they don’t like themselves, because they want to feel powerful. Heh.
“Do you feel like a man when you push her around?” the song says…

Emo Boy was taunted as [...]


Poo on Columbus Day

Three-day weekends mess with my head. Most people look forward to them, but the fact is that no matter what is going on in the “real world” out there, I have to work or I don’t get paid, and that kind of pisses me off. Government and school holidays be damned, I want a Melia Day where I don’t tire my fingers out and still get a nice little gift [...]


Autism Angst

For those of you not following my blog religiously (you should, I’m a minister, yo), Enigma, my 9-year old son, has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism that expresses itself with awkward social behaviors, OCD, sensory issues and other things that make them (to quote every OT we’ve ever seen) “quirky.”
Enigma has been going through the diagnosis wheel since he was about three, when he couldn’t stay in his preschool [...]


Stop Complaining About the Weather!

It is the summer of my discontent. Its freaking hot, and with a bunch of children to entertain, the heat makes things much more difficult. However, I shall prevail over this weather madness. I survived the Snowpacalypse, I shall survive the burning streets of Northern VA hell. Ouch.
Saturday found us in the depths of this weather, in DC, doing the monuments/museums tour. Freedom had never been into DC, and I’d [...]