My Legs are Jelly!

I’m sitting here, drinking working up a sweaty storm researching WordPress themes and planning a website makeover, when I realize that not only are my eyeballs falling out of my pretty little face, but that my legs slowly melting into the floor.
I promise, I took no LSD today and the ‘shrooms at dinner were completely legal. Emo Boy did question me about that, though. Thanks, DARE.
Melia, why, oh, why are [...]


The Joke is on Me!

Ha, ha, fucking Ha.
So, something planetary happened today and I relaxed, just a bit. It may have had something to do with my late night last night, during which I halfway expected some huge revelation about life, and only got a bunch of work out of the way. Then I was greeted with a huge, huge project that can only be described as a) my dead horse or b) the [...]