Live Blogging from the Feast Preparation

I’m down two glasses of wine. Everything is ready for the oven, the turkey is actually done, and at my sister’s behest, I have called my grandmother.
I am cooking for the kids, the ex, and the housemate.
When I say that, I get this weird eyebrow response. Yes, I’m awesome. I’m not only making a turkey, against my moral fiber, but I’m making it for people, with the exception of one [...]


A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast

When most people think of Thanksgiving they think of turkey with all the fixings, but more families are sitting down to meals that are deliciously vegetarian or that at least offer meatless choices.  I am vegetarian, but my husband and children eat a bit of meat sometimes although none of us miss having a meat option in a meal.  We love Thanksgiving for the food, time to gather around the [...]