I Always Miss All the Fun

I’m not going to blog about the DC Earthquake.
I’m not going to blog about Hurricane Irene.
Because, I missed both of them.
Lucky? Yes. Extremely. Left out? Totally.
I am practicing gratitude. Ommm.
I did have a fantastic weekend with my girls and their kids. My hurricane included nine children, and I lived to tell the tale. Awwww yeah. There’s just something about being around the people who were “there” for me when I [...]


Dear Summer,

I realize your plan has been to completely kick my ass for 10+ weeks. You’ve been doing a fantastic job, by the way, and I could not have asked for a more talented or skilled foe.
Physically, between insomnia and chiggers, I have the stamina of a marshmallow. Even though I’m starting to eat meat again, kinda, I still can’t get behind gelatin, so this marshmallow status also has me hating [...]


The Road Trip that Never Was...

Or, how I managed to actually get a summer vacation…
For years, I have driven to Arkansas in the summer, or spring, to see my BFF, Grandmother or other assorted friends from when I lived there. I can’t really remember a year that I didn’t go south. But, circumstances being what they may, I knew this summer it was not really an option. Plus, I couldn’t really work at my Grandmother’s [...]


And So, Summer Has Begun...

Somehow, I made it through the last few weeks of school.  Now, I have 10 weeks that don’t require me to set my alarm, nag the kids to get out the door to school, and then hustle as fast as I can to finish up work so I can panic over dinner and forget to use soap when bathing The Twitches before throwing everyone into bed and further nagging them [...]