NaBloPoMo... My Way!

Jumping on the bandwagon that I fell off last year, I am officially committing to NaBloPoMo… again.
I’d love to commit to NaNoWriMo, but, well, my life isn’t fabulous enough to allow me that amount of time. Yet. Its coming. IT HAS TO BE COMING! UGH!
November has come to symbolize a lot for me this year, which is probably a good thing, because I realized through some demented thoughts that I [...]


I Have a New Obsession

Dave Grohl.
Daaaaave Grohl.
Dave. Grohl.
It sneaked up on me slowly, starting with an article I wrote about Taylor Hawkins, the Foo’s absolutely incredible drummer.  I’ve always admired the Foo, and Dave, back in the Nirvana days when he was drumming away for Kurt Cobain.  But, the more I become a music (groupie) blogger (my job is amazing right now, did I mention that?), the more I get that “two-minutes-away-from-stalker” status.
Just needed [...]


It Must Be Monday

…because upon waking and surveying the Melia kingdom of websites, I saw that I was called a bleeding-heart female…
…for not allowing members of a site to call for the deaths of Muslims…
…because it infringed on these members’ right to Freedom of Speech.
I love politics. I love debating. I love being a part, even a small part, of creating and supporting change. I DO NOT LIKE BIGOTS AND ASSHOLES.
Especially on Monday [...]


In Just Seven Days...

I am leaving! I’m dragging the three younglings and Freedom on my now-infamous summer tour. No more home Internet issues, no more DC blast furnace (I’m trading that for the Arkansas blast furnace) and I get to see people and get the fuck out of Stepford.
In theory, I’ll be back. Its tempting to just stay on the road forever, but I’m pretty sure I cannot accomplish homeschooling in a mini-van.
Its [...]


Once Upon a Time...

Mother’s Day has never been my favorite holiday, for various reasons. Its just been a blah day, especially since my mom passed and I’ve had a series of “partners” who just don’t get my need for something to make those days slightly special. I don’t mean gifts. I can buy my own cack. I’m really good at that, in fact.
My Mother’s Day was spent with my kids and Freedom, with [...]


Its Monday!

I am home. I have recuperated from the trip (I think) and I’m back to business. So far, I’ve gotten all the kiddos to school, got my yoga on, showered and consumed a green smoothie. Oh, and I may have gotten “the eye” from a mom at the preschool. We were wearing matching purple bandanas and kept catching each other looking at, uh, each other. Tee hee.
So, this marks the [...]


On the Couch

This couch, so old and crusty (yep, I admit it) is its own time capsule… if you speak couch. It’d be great if you didn’t though. Just sayin’.


Gettin' Busy Gettin' Busy

Life is what happens while you’re busy making your excuses.
Another day, another casualty.
And that won’t happen to me.