How Reiki Makes a Difference

I not only learned to release that old energy with Reiki, a Japanese relaxation technique that keeps energy healthy and flowing, and other energy modalities, but I found that I could prevent taking on others’ energy in the first place. I released traumatic images and my energy started flowing for the first time in my life, so I began to share Reiki and teach others to do so as well.



Rage is a word we hear more often than we did when I was a child.  Granted that was a long time ago and we didn’t have the internet (yes, I am that old) to inform us instantly of events around the world, but still it seems rage is, well….all the rage now.  I’m not talking about two boys having a fistfight over a girl in the school yard or [...]


Treasure Mapping!

When I was a kid (in the days before cool and mind-numbing electronic devices), dreaming of buried treasure allowed me many hours of fun. Once I carefully drew a map, attached drawings, and even buried some treasure just to have the pleasure of finding it again. I’m not sure my Mom agreed with the holes in her backyard, but I certainly had fun.
As an adult, we too often lose the [...]


Spring Cleaning for the Mind

For me, winter is like weaving in the dark. I’m working at gathering thoughts and creating my web. Instead of seeing it glistening in the clarity of the morning, I leave those thoughts to gather cobwebs in the dark corners of my mind. With winter comes the urge to store things, and I begin to horde negative thoughts like a pack rat. Winter also encourages procrastination, so those unhealthy thoughts [...]