La Parte Nachos

Everyone loves nachos. If you don’t love nachos, please just block this website, and forget I exist. I’ve already forgotten you.
This weekend, I hosted a nacho party.
It was just something to make winter weekends seem more fun for the kids, or, that’s how it started off. Then, I invited GGmyZC and his kids, and Ms. Coldfeather and her family. Nachos are easily scalable, so all was well, and I went [...]


What an Effin' Week!

I made it through y’all’s Christmas with flying colors. I saw my friends, my sister, and got to spend a whole lot of QT with a pretty great Scorpio. I ended up having an extra day without The Crew, actually, and while I would have enjoyed a little more notice with that, it worked out fine and everyone is happy. I am… happy.
The rest of the week, so far, has [...]