Feminists? Hello?

Because of the YouTube culture I’ve been immersed in lately, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for some good and/or bad feminism-related videos. Aside from Feministing, there seems to be a lack of anyone really interested in any feminist issues, at least on YouTube and maybe beyond. There are a whole lot of “on the street” interviews (“I’m not a feminist, but…”) and feminist bashing (because we’re all man-haters, yo), [...]


Its Monday!

I am home. I have recuperated from the trip (I think) and I’m back to business. So far, I’ve gotten all the kiddos to school, got my yoga on, showered and consumed a green smoothie. Oh, and I may have gotten “the eye” from a mom at the preschool. We were wearing matching purple bandanas and kept catching each other looking at, uh, each other. Tee hee.
So, this marks the [...]


Monday's Blog is Full of...

For the record, I AM that easy. Send me an e-mail and find out. Oh, wait, comment on the blog and find out… maybe send a carrier pigeon, although the poor bird may freeze mid-flight since I’m now living in the Arctic wonderland formerly known as NoVa.


The First Monday of the New Year

I wonder when the “New Year” posts are going to get old.
No matter, because its Monday! Monday, when I wax nostalgic about my weekend adventures in… cleaning… oh, and grocery shopping. That’s fun. So, short weekend recap.
My kids, right now, are all in their respective schools. There is silence. It is beautiful.
I start school in a week, my last term until I graduate. I’m not sure what my independent study [...]


Anatomy of a Final Paper

1. Wake up, resolute to finish paper before 3pm, so homework time with the kids isn’t something monstrous.
2. Use preschool time to gather thoughts, drink coffee, post thoughts on blogging on forum based on links in paper. Chew ice, freeze, get in car early and blast heat.
3. Come back from preschool, throw on movie and promise to decorate tree tomorrow after paper is done. Chew ice, eat hummus, freeze, make [...]


Lessons from Jayda

Once a week, I volunteer at an urban school to spend some one on one time with any kids who need a little extra help or support. This school is located in the heart of the neighborhood, a street away from one of the toughest crime drags, surrounded by boarded up abandoned houses used as homeless shelters and drug headquarters. It’s not the type of neighborhood where you feel comfortable [...]


Digest this.

I read a lot, especially for school. I don’t even know if I’ve mentioned my plans for this semester yet, but in a nut shell, I’m using the DONA postpartum doula course book list as a springboard for some natural science credits. The semester revolves around postpartum women and their physiology, hormonal and psychological changes. I devoured my first two books in a day and a half. I may or [...]


Breaking News!!

My essay is done, pending a few edits. DONE. 58 pages plus bibliography and portfolio. My brain is a stew of caramel delight with a touch of Tom Robbins wit and humor thrown in for good measure. Sadly, he has little to do with my paper except for providing me with the inspiration to move forward.
When we’re incomplete, we’re always searching for somebody to complete us. When, after a few [...]