Cooking with Julia on HippyMom!

Our new summer series is here! HippyMoms, Dipity & Scarlet Mae, blatantly stole this idea from Julie & Julia in an effort to amuse  and encourage the members of HM to try something new and fabulous for dinner.
Riz Duxelles

(p. 531 of Mastering the Art of French Cooking)

Cooking time: 20 minutes
Prep time: 10 minutes
Serves: 12
1 C rice, which you will cook with:
2 C water (adjust amounts for brown [...]


Christmas in May?

You may be wondering why on earth anyone would think about Christmas in May! Well, lemme tell you in one word: Strawberries. Are you now wondering what strawberries and Christmas have in common aside from the predominantly red color? Again, lemme tell you.
Every year everyone on both sides of our families exchange gifts with everyone else. Not gift, but gifts plural. On my side of the family, this tradition is [...]


The Bloggahs

Because Tarty’s cup overfloweth, and she hates spilling her ‘tini.
LadyHawk talks oils and family health!
Firewalking is MamaBirdie’s newest trick.
Its not too late for treasure mapping! Really!
Kozmique takes off her rose-colored Retrospecs.
Moments to Remember: boobs.
Its Shan or the Stump.
Melia (and MJ’s)’s Great Lesbian Rabbit Caper! has a fantastic blog network available to its established members. Our bloggers write on a wide range of topics—from fashion and activism to [...]


The Bloggers Don't Lie

ATS represent! Durrah tells us what to buy and where to buy it.
HippyMom says you are your own soul mate. You complete… you. Dig it?
Ladyhawk manifests her latest huaca.
A different kind of shimmy hits Kozmique.
Melia takes a break from Debauchery week to snuggle with her Blankee!
Moving forward is MamaBirdie’s next step. Get it?
Nefertitties is the luckiest beach around, tetanus and all.
The Bean is a budding evil mastermind. Really. [...]


Yep, Its Digit@l Pros(e)!

FunkyBlueLovin’ imagines me and you, and you and me… no, wait, she’s just manifesting her perfect life.
Got Tribal? Nefertitties does, and now has a piece of paper to prove it. She also just turned 31, and desperately needs a party… with spankings!
Speaking of birthday parties, Scarlet Mae goes from peaceful beach retreat to preschool party central, in a matter of hours… with pepsi.
Signs, signs, everywhere are signs. Melia, are you [...]


Valentine's Gift for your Man

Yes world, I am going to make panties for Valentine’s Day! And I challenge you to do the same – here’s why: uber points from the significant other, you get new super cute panties, it’s an opportunity to do something kind for the earth by recycling old shirts and cloth, and you now have an excuse, a good excuse! to show off your underwear in public.