Crystal and Stone Energies

Working with crystals and stones means you should become aware of their energies.
There are two basic types of energy within stones. These two types contain all the various vibrations found in stones: those that attract love, repel negativity, and so on. These are the projective and the receptive energies. To give you a better idea:

Projective – Receptive
Electric – Magnetic
Hot – Cold
Physical – Spiritual
Male – [...]


Stone Spotlight

Tiger eye is a beautiful, golden-brown shiny stone which appears lifelike due to its chiromancy, or silky luster. It is crystallized quartz, made of silica. It is found mostly in Africa.
This stone has been worn through the ages to aver the evil eye and help prevent eye diseases. Tiger eye helps people gain insight into their own faults, and to think more clearly. This stone is [...]