Bulls Scare the Pee Outta Me

Finally, a day out of NoVa!
The kiddos, Freedom and I took the opportunity to flee Stepford on Saturday and head, well, anywhere. It was well past time to get the hell out and have some fun. Out. Away. Gone. Vamoosed.
Did we go to Baltimore and hang out at the Inner Harbor?
Did we go MOTORIN’! with go-karts and eat funnel cakes?
Did we frolic through DC?
You see, after about an hour of [...]


Clearing My Head

Its already the afternoon and I’ve been at it for hours. Oy. I’m tired.
We leave on Thursday. Must clean, launder and pack. Hotels are reserved. Happy oil is on the way.  Work to do. Sleep?
Nah, we don’t need no stinkin’ sleep!
So, the weekend review is pretty blah. Freedom and I did manage to finally play Rock Band (awesome) and nobody got hurt. I observed and kinda assisted with a Reiki [...]


In Just Seven Days...

I am leaving! I’m dragging the three younglings and Freedom on my now-infamous summer tour. No more home Internet issues, no more DC blast furnace (I’m trading that for the Arkansas blast furnace) and I get to see people and get the fuck out of Stepford.
In theory, I’ll be back. Its tempting to just stay on the road forever, but I’m pretty sure I cannot accomplish homeschooling in a mini-van.
Its [...]


The Great New England Flood

Someone brought it up recently that I’ve got a certain knack for natural disasters lately, and especially for involving my friends in my adventures with copious amounts of snow, and now, rain. Currently, it is believed that I have one more bizarre weather phenomenon to encounter, so I’m fairly certain that within the next six weeks, there will be a tidal wave hit wherever I’m at, and whomever happens to [...]


PA Update!

So, I’m at my friend’s house in Pennsylvania, trying to gauge the next leg of the trip to Connecticut. Evidently, there is some sort of freak storm that is flooding the entire Eastern sea board and we’re going to drive directly into it and a flood of epic proportions.  I’m fairly certain that I have life jackets, my iPod and maybe a few bottles of wine. We should be ok, [...]


Vacation Approacheth!

Tomorrow, my friends, I’m taking this show on the road. I’m piling 3 of my 4 kiddos in the Tarty van and heading North East. I am, indeed, going to Boston, to Salem, to Connecticut and New Hampshire, after a brief stay in PA.
I will be updating my journey on Facebook, so you best FB friend me, bitches.


The Weekend Report

By Melia, the tired.
My girls and I left for the wedding at 8am on Friday, traveling to a magical land we’ll call Weddingshire. Dr. Nightmare, my navigator, assured me that by driving down a highway instead of an interstate, we would arrive at our dreadful destination 30 minutes earlier than driving via interstate. We weren’t in a hurry, and I fondly remembered that on former trips to Weddingshire as a [...]


On the road again!

I am leaving again. Part of my farewell tour… farewell to 6 weeks of no school, farewell to the hermit I have become (until school starts again, but for now it makes sense). This weekend, I head up north to chill with a dear friend who will feed me and half my kids and let me steal her towels. That’s a good friend
Speaking of driving long distance with [...]