The First Annual HippyMom Retreat - Spring Equinox, 2009

Spring Equinox is a time of new beginnings, balance and celebration of the warmth and light to come. We (a handful of HippyMom members)  came together for this event in 2009, bringing little more than food, friendship and parts of our souls to share with the group. We each shared parts of our lives, giving freely of our individual spirit and receiving an abundance of love and hope in return. [...]



What do you do when you’ve been busting your ass for a year, working and studying, running your children to 1,000 appointments, keeping your animals (including The Husband) healthy and happy?
You get the hell out of Dodge!
For approximately 72 hours, I will be on vacation in Texas. I won’t be seeing my inlaws, I won’t be meeting clients, I won’t be doing anything but relaxing, if I can remember how [...]