Milkscreen: Mom’s Drink—Babies Don’t!

Some women get pregnant, have babies, and suddenly transform into MATERNAL WOMAN. You know–calico dresses with lace collars and an angelic demeanor that says, “I live and breathe for my precious children to whom I shall devote my entire life except for the times that my husband needs me.” Then there’s the rest of us.


The HippyMom Online Harvest Fair is Winding Down!

But, you still have time to visit our vendors, enter our raffles, bid on our auctions and play our games!
14 prizes have been raffled or won this week! You could be next!

The Fair is officially over on Sunday, November 15th – there is still plenty of time for you to show your pretty face and join the Hippy Adventure!
Register on the forum today!


The HippyMom Online Harvest Fair Starts Today!

Come and browse our vendors, get a tarot, numerology or astrology reading, try out some virtual belly dance lessons (seriously!) and enter our raffles! There are auctions, an energy share, games and just a good ol’ hippy time!
All you have to do is register on the forum!
Congratulations to our first winners!
Serendipity won a free 3-month membership!
lilly won a free rune reading!
Guess what!
You could be next!
HippyMom Online Harvest Fair 2009!


HippyMom Fall Festival is Coming!

Since the beginning of HippyMom time, our members have gathered together in the spirit of fun, enlightenment and random acts of intrigue in order to benefit our online community, or the world at large.
2009 is no different, and this year, we are proud to announce our Fall Festival!

From November 9-14, you will be delighted by our vendors, mesmerized by psychic readers, titillated by a belly dancer and [...]


These Are Awesome Sunglasses

The fantastic people at MFS Eyewear sent me not one, but two pair of these glasses to review. With the Twitches, there is not a whole lot of sharing going on, especially if its pink and could be “princess” wear, so I cannot say how much I appreciate MFS Eyewear indulging me my girls with their own pair of Infinity Shades.
My girls are four and wear eyeglasses, so they [...]


HippyMom Online Fall Harvest Festival

Hear ye, hear ye!
HippyMom is proud to announce the
Fall Harvest Festival!
November 9-14, 2009!
We will have vendors, spiritual readers, games, prizes, auctions and raffles!

Currently, we are searching out vendors, readers, and flea marketers to help make this event a true success! To be part of the magic, all you need to do is send in $10 and offer up an item for auction.

For your convenience, please go [...]



10 Days left to enter!

Sex Kit Giveaway in honor of National Condom Week!
Read the entries! Tell me which you like, add your own… I need to give away this stuff, its just burning a hole in my black lace thong.
Oh, wait, that must be Melia in bizarro world.