A Word of Thanks

Even as I sit here, at almost an hour past when I wanted to lay down and fall asleep because I have been writing for two days straight and instead worked on a website and a client’s frantic call for help, totally ignoring my plan to edit that pesky thing that needs to be edited…
I am completely, totally and utterly grateful to you. Somehow, even though I am terrified of [...]


Got Wheels?

Emo Boy just remarked at the fabulous mood I’m in…
I’m tired. My legs, ass and waist hurt, my house is a wreck and I have no groceries. But, I’m smiling.
The Crew and I all went roller skating today. Family fun, met up with J.Pizzle (The Bizzle Partner) and his kids. We all skated, played air hockey, some video games… cheap fun that lasted for hours, and was not chained to [...]