Ruth St. Denis

Ruth St. Denis was an American vaudeville performer who is best known as a pioneer of Modern Dance. However, her work was so heavily influenced by the Orientalist fashion that was all the rage at the turn of the last century that she could just as easily be considered a prototype for the American bellydancer-as-artist. The famous story is that she was inspired by an Orientalist advertisement for cigarettes. She [...]


The Drought

It was a bright, clear, and beautiful sunny day, and the little girl with long tangled curls and faded skirt felt happier than she had ever been in her life.  She stopped every once in awhile to picked up stones that looked just right to skip across the pond that ran behind the barn near her house, and she ended up with two heavy pockets full by the time she [...]


Pirates, Glitter and ARRR!

I’ve always been attracted to the pirate archetype. Not real pirates, the kind who actually go around looting and raping and pillaging, although I may well have some of those lurking on the decaying branches of my family tree, whose ragged leaves whisper of merchant seamen and stolen brides along the coasts of Malacca. No, it was not the dirty old brigands I admired, but the glamorized Hollywood ideal of [...]


Read to Me

According to UNESCO one in five adults in the world is still not literate and two-thirds of them are women while 72 million children are out of school.  So that must be an international problem and not of much concern to more developed countries like the USA, right?
No, actually it is a problem in the USA as well according to a five-year study commissioned by the US Department of Education.  [...]


Meeting Other Moms

I love to meet other people. Mostly, because I love to pick their brains and observe them in their natural (or unnatural) environment as they try to navigate the murky waters of socializing. One of the things we do on HippyMom is encourage all of our members to get offline and meet and make real-life connections. Not that the online friendships are less important, but there’s nothing like being able [...]


Meditations on Abundance

Spring is now a memory of cool evenings, warmer days, and the misery of allergies for many of us as a new season of growth burst into life around us.  Now that summer is here we shift to a period of abundance and fertility, and since our gardens and grocery stores are full of a variety of delicious and colorful fruits and vegetables it is easy to slip into [...]


Digit@l Pros(e)

V gets into the Swing of Things… wheeeee!
A few laughs from N8V Running. Hell yeah.
Another UnCool Girl lesson from Melia, the Queen of Dorks. Ironic, eh?
Soaking up the Solstice Sun, LadyHawk talks Litha.
Spectacular Me is a big whiny-faced veggie hater.
The Ocean on HippyMom. has a fantastic blog network available to its established members. Our bloggers write on a wide range of topics—from fashion and activism to spirituality [...]


Solstice Meditation

For most of us summer brings to mind sun, outdoor recreation, perhaps water activities, gardening, and sweltering days mowing lawns, and hordes of mosquitoes and other insects.  This summer my favorite activity that I have indulged in is meditation, and I have discovered that summer meditations are actually quite popular and really worth the time and effort.  There are sites that have pictures and instructions for planting summer meditation gardens [...]