Kid Crafts: All About Me

When my daughter was a toddler I cut out a huge letter D from construction paper and let her paint it. I mounted it on another piece of construction paper with a photo of her in the center of it. She loved to look through the book and tell me who she saw in the photos. She was learning about shapes so there was also a square, circle and triangle she had decorated.


The Basics of Parenting Styles

Parenting: the double-edged sword everyone has a solid opinion about until they find themselves in its midst.  Pre-children, I would walk through the mall with my boyfriend and we would chuckle at the exasperated parents trying to handle their yelling, whining, crabby children.  “That will never be us,” we agreed.  We knew we would tolerate nothing less than respect and congeniality from our future brood.
I have now been walking the [...]


Kids Crafts: Paint Away the Winter Blues

Winter is upon us and my children do not want to play out in the cold for very long. They say they are bored. How do I keep them busy? One thing that is always well received here are fun, often messy craft projects. They provide a creative outlet and often an interesting sensory experience. I honestly don’t have enough frames or refrigerator door space to display them all so [...]


Small Hands of a Child Can Have an Impact

Children Can Make A Difference In The World Today
Parents have always had the toughest job in the world, but raising children to have a caring conscience can be an even bigger task in today’s, often cynical, world. It can be challenging to decide how to encourage children to think of those less fortunate. However, the holidays are arriving quickly, which is a great time to begin including children in volunteering.

When [...]


Meeting Other Moms

I love to meet other people. Mostly, because I love to pick their brains and observe them in their natural (or unnatural) environment as they try to navigate the murky waters of socializing. One of the things we do on HippyMom is encourage all of our members to get offline and meet and make real-life connections. Not that the online friendships are less important, but there’s nothing like being able [...]



I didn’t realize this so succinctly right off the bat. What happened was that I was so concerned about my children and my family that I just stopped. I dug deep and found the space to focus on the one thing that was most important to me – my girls.


Lessons from Jayda

Once a week, I volunteer at an urban school to spend some one on one time with any kids who need a little extra help or support. This school is located in the heart of the neighborhood, a street away from one of the toughest crime drags, surrounded by boarded up abandoned houses used as homeless shelters and drug headquarters. It’s not the type of neighborhood where you feel comfortable [...]