Live Blogging from the Feast Preparation

I’m down two glasses of wine. Everything is ready for the oven, the turkey is actually done, and at my sister’s behest, I have called my grandmother.
I am cooking for the kids, the ex, and the housemate.
When I say that, I get this weird eyebrow response. Yes, I’m awesome. I’m not only making a turkey, against my moral fiber, but I’m making it for people, with the exception of one [...]


Holding the Reins

There are days when everything goes just as planned. We wake up, we eat, we go to school or work (or Starbucks), we come home, do homework, play, eat, bathe, clean and go to bed (or work more) and everything is wonderful.
In all honesty, those days are pretty rare, since there is always some fire to put out, some strange event that messes up the routine. Lately, its been my [...]


Two Hours of Fame

I have really begun to enjoy the time I volunteer at the Elementary Kids’ school, especially since 75% of my kids are there and its literally a 3 minute walk from my house. That may be a Stepford perk, come to think of it, one of maybe three. The others may revolve around the drama I get to make up while spying on my neighbors.
I don’t do that. Much.
Today, I [...]


Happy Birthday, Twitches!

Today you turn six, and that makes me extremely sad, and proud, and scared, and maybe just a bit awesome. Awesome, because you were nice enough to share your lives with me, and really, that’s pretty damn special.
You were the daughters I saw in my mind when I was a little girl, just like you.

Inexplicably connected to your Nana, in a strange (and, perhaps, devious) twist of fate, the incredible love [...]


Networking is Awesome

I’m not a people person, which is odd, since I do a whole lot of “people stuff,” with work. However, I do most of that online where people are reduced to letters on a screen and I can exercise my control freak fantasies at will.
But, a long time ago, I decided that in order to be successful in this world of online stuff, I would (ironically, in that Hipster way) [...]


Curse You, Reality

The final tally of actual vacation I took during my week off is hovering somewhere around 3.5 days. I’m sad that I didn’t get all my well-deserved time off, but impressed that I did manage to not work those days. I did clean and remember what it was like to “only” be a SAHM, and I discovered I feel a little naked without deadlines. I also feel a little naked [...]


Curses! Foiled Again!

Well, its been a week. Um, a bad, hectic, draining and shitty week that has provided me with plenty of, well, stress. But, its over. My taxi-driving to and from 2 different camps has ended, and no children were harmed by their day camp experiences. I got paid, I got vodka. Freedom got out of the hospital on Tuesday and spent three days on “basement arrest,” during which he was not allowed [...]


Name Calling Sucks

Have you ever overheard a conversation (well, now, its read a Facebook status or Tweet) that you were 99% sure was about you (paranoia aside, of course) that maybe hurt your feelings, just a bit?
Not that this has ever happened to me, because I’m perfect… so I hear. But, we’ll pretend that it has happened, that someone has posted a statement, written a blog or said something while thinking I [...]