There Was A Time...

Back in my original college years, my friend got involved with the very stereotype that makes women look bad. She was, for lack of a better term, a heinous bitch. I’m not one for that label very often, but honestly, if *I* am calling you something like that, then you best get your ass into therapy and find out what the fuck is wrong with you.
She was the president of [...]


I Less-Than-Three Mondays

Why? Because then I can wax nostalgic about everything that goes on in my life while all of the people I live with are at work or school. Its like my Zen moment, my freedom…


Circles, Squares, Parallels and other Geometric Fun

I really don’t know what to title this. I’ve recently gotten several abundance gifts in the form of old friends coming back into my realm, and I have found myself revisiting a time that was probably one of the healthiest in my life.
I lived in the Cleveland suburbs for about 10 years, from age 5 – 15. Its my home, of sorts, even if I haven’t been there in over [...]