Live Blogging from the Feast Preparation

I’m down two glasses of wine. Everything is ready for the oven, the turkey is actually done, and at my sister’s behest, I have called my grandmother.
I am cooking for the kids, the ex, and the housemate.
When I say that, I get this weird eyebrow response. Yes, I’m awesome. I’m not only making a turkey, against my moral fiber, but I’m making it for people, with the exception of one [...]


I am SUCH a Bitch!

You can ask around, and most people will tell you that at one point or another, I have totally done something bitchtastic. Probably to that person, but, whatever. Bygones!
I even have a jacket that proclaims my bitchitude, courtesy of my mama. Its a well known fact that when you have apparel with words on it, you are officially an important member of that word club. Look it up.
But, first, you [...]


A Word of Thanks

Even as I sit here, at almost an hour past when I wanted to lay down and fall asleep because I have been writing for two days straight and instead worked on a website and a client’s frantic call for help, totally ignoring my plan to edit that pesky thing that needs to be edited…
I am completely, totally and utterly grateful to you. Somehow, even though I am terrified of [...]



…and rambly! Yay!
I joke a lot about being without guilt or remorse. I embrace the Virgo exterior I am supposed to portray – emotionless, logical, full of blank stares and meh.
People, dear readers, stalkers and haters, I have a confession: I am, indeed, heartless.
Because a whole lot of mother fuckers have broken my heart into bits and there is NOTHING left. So, fuck off.
That being said, I hate hurting other people. [...]


10 Days Left

10 Days left for NaBloPoMo.
10 Days left in November.
The best is yet to come, right? Well, at least for November. The blogging thing is a little much, only because I censor my actual life, which is sad. Although, I think that like the last time I did the NaBloPoMo thing, I remembered how much I really just like to babble about myself. What I notice, though, and this isn’t just [...]


Got Wheels?

Emo Boy just remarked at the fabulous mood I’m in…
I’m tired. My legs, ass and waist hurt, my house is a wreck and I have no groceries. But, I’m smiling.
The Crew and I all went roller skating today. Family fun, met up with J.Pizzle (The Bizzle Partner) and his kids. We all skated, played air hockey, some video games… cheap fun that lasted for hours, and was not chained to [...]


Holding the Reins

There are days when everything goes just as planned. We wake up, we eat, we go to school or work (or Starbucks), we come home, do homework, play, eat, bathe, clean and go to bed (or work more) and everything is wonderful.
In all honesty, those days are pretty rare, since there is always some fire to put out, some strange event that messes up the routine. Lately, its been my [...]