How Much is Too Much?

When I was around eight, after my Dad left me again or after a suspicious family reunion in which my now-deceased, convicted child molester uncle may have played a role in some fuzzy memory I’ve not yet addressed, I got fat.
I hate saying that, but its true. I went from being the smallest girl in my class (height & weight) to a shockingly overweight version of that former child. I [...]



Our First Detention

I suppose there are milestones we all look forward to celebrating in our children’s lives. The first tooth, first birthday, first day of kindergarten… and, of course, the first detention.
My first detention was in fifth grade, when I let some boy (who I didn’t even like) borrow my violin for orchestra practice. He forgot his, and I wasn’t thinking about not having anything for me to use in class. [...]


Genetics, Judgment, and Juries

A long, long time ago, I was a music education major with an emphasis on vocal music. I look back on it now and wonder what I was thinking. Really, I wasn’t all that great. I was a decent singer, but my love of music wasn’t a passion for music. I just liked to sing, and I still do. All hail Rock Band.
In the course of the three semesters I [...]


Circles, Squares, Parallels and other Geometric Fun

I really don’t know what to title this. I’ve recently gotten several abundance gifts in the form of old friends coming back into my realm, and I have found myself revisiting a time that was probably one of the healthiest in my life.
I lived in the Cleveland suburbs for about 10 years, from age 5 – 15. Its my home, of sorts, even if I haven’t been there in over [...]