Annnnd, I'm Back!

Yes, its Thursday, but its been one of those weeks where everything has been constantly moving and I’ve not had much time to just blah around the blog. The good news is that I’m feeling much better and think I have a handle on my nutrition. The bad news is that now I have a zillion things to catch up on because of the holiday, the kids starting school, and [...]


The Bloggahs

Because Tarty’s cup overfloweth, and she hates spilling her ‘tini.
LadyHawk talks oils and family health!
Firewalking is MamaBirdie’s newest trick.
Its not too late for treasure mapping! Really!
Kozmique takes off her rose-colored Retrospecs.
Moments to Remember: boobs.
Its Shan or the Stump.
Melia (and MJ’s)’s Great Lesbian Rabbit Caper! has a fantastic blog network available to its established members. Our bloggers write on a wide range of topics—from fashion and activism to [...]


Well, I'm Done.

Dip me in honey and throw me to the… uh, well
Its done, turned in, and I am no longer in charge of my fate in that department. I have to find something new to obsess about besides school. I feel a little naked now even with the new red sequin pasties I’m wearing.
So, Today, I was going to teach my kids all about what I do, which is [...]


HippyMom & The Blogs

Women, Communities, The Internet and Hippymom
In the first of what promises to be a hilarious un-foodie series, Melia bakes a pie… and more.
Luscious Decadence has cake, so there.
The dragon that came to LadyHawk. Amazing.
Moves in Curves speaks to us en français!
MamaBirdie’s fear is nothing but fear itself.



I miss my boy.

Every summer, he leaves me for four weeks to spend time with his bio-dad. I spend the first few days manically trying to stay busy so I don’t think about it, and then the next two weeks pretty much fly by, with few phone calls or text messages from either side. I know he’s having fun, and I want him to have fun, so I let him do his thing. [...]