Digit@l Pros(e)

V gets into the Swing of Things… wheeeee!
A few laughs from N8V Running. Hell yeah.
Another UnCool Girl lesson from Melia, the Queen of Dorks. Ironic, eh?
Soaking up the Solstice Sun, LadyHawk talks Litha.
Spectacular Me is a big whiny-faced veggie hater.
The Ocean on HippyMom.
Hippymom.com has a fantastic blog network available to its established members. Our bloggers write on a wide range of topics—from fashion and activism to spirituality [...]



Digit@l Pros(e)

Have you ever lied? Nefertitties knows someone who knows someone who is a big. fat liar face.
Loverly joins the Digit@l Pros(e) bandwagon this week and runs into a little problem.
Durrah presents her ATS video of the month.
The many faces of MamaBirdie.
Melia talks dildos. Its her thing.
Kozmique brings us An Alien Love Story.


The Bloggers Don't Lie

ATS represent! Durrah tells us what to buy and where to buy it.
HippyMom says you are your own soul mate. You complete… you. Dig it?
Ladyhawk manifests her latest huaca.
A different kind of shimmy hits Kozmique.
Melia takes a break from Debauchery week to snuggle with her Blankee!
Moving forward is MamaBirdie’s next step. Get it?
Nefertitties is the luckiest beach around, tetanus and all.
The Bean is a budding evil mastermind. Really.

Hippymom.com [...]


Yep, Its Digit@l Pros(e)!

FunkyBlueLovin’ imagines me and you, and you and me… no, wait, she’s just manifesting her perfect life.
Got Tribal? Nefertitties does, and now has a piece of paper to prove it. She also just turned 31, and desperately needs a party… with spankings!
Speaking of birthday parties, Scarlet Mae goes from peaceful beach retreat to preschool party central, in a matter of hours… with pepsi.
Signs, signs, everywhere are signs. Melia, are you [...]


The Body Scoop for Girls!

Dr. Ashton’s book puts sex, body issues, nutrition and safety in a warm, caring and accessible light. It has just enough authority to mean business, and just enough humor to calm the fears of teenage girls (and their parents).


Boobs for Anissa

Anissa Mayhew is a mother, wife, a blogger and according to her Twitter page bio, she is “Like snorting pop rocks, but without the headache.” Anissa also is currently in a rehabilitation facility, recovering from the two strokes she suffered in November, 2009.