Earth to Melia!

Hi, remember me?
Just when I thought things were getting easy, making sense, finding a rhythm… its been like a month of hell.
Hell, I say!
In a nutshell… I had a pretty big cut in my hours/finances, which hit me like a ton of bricks. Leading to more insomnia, panic, rage and angst. Maybe a tear or two (don’t tell anyone). This precarious freelance life is great, but, wow, it was all [...]


Now Hiring: Melia's Intern

In recent months, it has come to light that I’m one busy, badass mother… um… yeah. No, seriously, I’m swamped, all the time. I love it, I hate it, but its the truth and I’m just kind of at the point where I am no longer too proud to ask for help. The problem? I don’t actually have enough income to pay someone on a regular basis to take some [...]


La Parte Nachos

Everyone loves nachos. If you don’t love nachos, please just block this website, and forget I exist. I’ve already forgotten you.
This weekend, I hosted a nacho party.
It was just something to make winter weekends seem more fun for the kids, or, that’s how it started off. Then, I invited GGmyZC and his kids, and Ms. Coldfeather and her family. Nachos are easily scalable, so all was well, and I went [...]


As I Sat Across from Mr. September...

Ahhh, I love when I stumble upon drafts that have been marinating in their own juices! This is obviously a bit old, but, still relevant.
While I attempted to gain perspective into this roller coaster of weirdness I was on regarding my personal life, I actually started meeting with people recently. I was really against the idea of dating, of bringing people into my inner thoughts. I’d been hurt, I was [...]


What an Effin' Week!

I made it through y’all’s Christmas with flying colors. I saw my friends, my sister, and got to spend a whole lot of QT with a pretty great Scorpio. I ended up having an extra day without The Crew, actually, and while I would have enjoyed a little more notice with that, it worked out fine and everyone is happy. I am… happy.
The rest of the week, so far, has [...]


Finding a Muse

While wearing my tinfoil writer’s hat, I search for inspiration constantly. As evidenced by the blog droughts experienced here, sometimes there’s not a whole lot of inspiration to be found. I struggle with the idea of putting my own, personal spin on things like sweeping the floor or the never-ending struggle to time my shower for the perfect amount of hot water in the hizzy.
Y’all don’t want to hear that. [...]


This is Getting a Little Ridiculous, Even for Me

There are two analogies for my life that I beat, like a dead horse.
That was good, eh?
Spinning plates, and a chariot about to tumble over, with me holding the reins in an icy grip of “holy fuck.”
So, yeah, things are great, and when I drink my morning coffee, the thousands of things I must accomplish fly at my face and I cringe, then suck it up and get my plan [...]


Stroking My Blog

Dear Blog,
Logging into you this morning was much like being held by that guy who totally broke my heart, smashed it to pieces and left me for dead.
No, it was totally better. I miss you, like lots. Which may be weird to the general public, but the other bloggers get it, and that’s all I care about right now. The other bloggers, and you.
You complete me, fool.
Understand that NaBloPoMo was, [...]