Finding a Muse

While wearing my tinfoil writer’s hat, I search for inspiration constantly. As evidenced by the blog droughts experienced here, sometimes there’s not a whole lot of inspiration to be found. I struggle with the idea of putting my own, personal spin on things like sweeping the floor or the never-ending struggle to time my shower for the perfect amount of hot water in the hizzy.
Y’all don’t want to hear that. [...]


Raise Your Glass!

You know that P!nk song – if you’re too school for cool, etc.?  Yeah, its stuck in my head, along with the visual of a black man in a sweater vest singing it for the sound check that preceded the performance of Toxic Mouse – a local  80′s Hair Metal Tribute Band.
That, my friends, is how my night was. As I was watching this spectacle (and, he was pretty good, sweater vest and all), [...]


Newness, Nostalgia, Nosy, Nosy, Nosy

Back when Freedom joined my crew, almost a year ago (jeebus), I joked that he only stayed around because of the newness and nostalgia. The newness of not being in Arkansas, the newness of my Awesome, the newness of playing “Uncle” to a slew of children. Coupled with the newness was the nostalgia of hanging out with my Awesome and remembering all of the trouble we used to get into [...]