Things I am Not Good at...

Shocking, I know.

 Growing plants.
 Waking up.
 Being awesome (no, wait, that’s a lie).
 Spelling “lying” after a particularly weird night of sleep that has left my shoulders and neck stabbing me in an internal dance of tireless misery.

I have this insane urge to write today. But, instead, I’ll be at a playground, drowning my sorrows in 7-11 coffee and digesting the events of the last week so I can come back and [...]


Fabulous Things

1. The sprinkling of pimples upon my face.
2. Meeting authors and people you admire for doing what you want to do, knowing they’re paving the way for your own success… soon.
3. Awesome socks, except toe socks because those creep me out.
4. Chipmunks. Not necessarily the singing type, but they’ll do.
5. Morning coffee, times two… or three.
6. Rainy school picture days, because you know the $30/child pics (times 3 kids) are [...]