The Lice Report

Yes, we’re still here.
When last I wrote, there was a significant decline in the amount of “buggies” found. Its a good sign, but I’m not giving up my vigilant anti-bug stance. No ma’ameee Darla (that was “no sireee Bob” in feminist lingo… just go with it).
Thursday night: Get the Hell out of Dodge! I decided I was clean enough to go get drinks with some locals. A few crises at [...]


Lice, er Life Lessons

If I had not given The Enigma a mohawk two weeks ago, Dozer Doodle would not have been asking for a haircut. Granted, she wanted a haircut like Enigma’s, but I’m not willing to do that to my three-year old daughter… yet.
That’s a big “yet” because…
On Monday, I trimmed Dozer’s hair (shorter than Mary Sunshine’s hair, but not quite as stylish as Enigmas. A chin-length bob. Cute, functional, my Grandmother [...]