Ruth St. Denis

Ruth St. Denis was an American vaudeville performer who is best known as a pioneer of Modern Dance. However, her work was so heavily influenced by the Orientalist fashion that was all the rage at the turn of the last century that she could just as easily be considered a prototype for the American bellydancer-as-artist. The famous story is that she was inspired by an Orientalist advertisement for cigarettes. She [...]


Lifting the Lid on Tasty Tagine

As the sultry days of summer give way to the dusky chill of fall, thoughts naturally turn to warming dishes such as stews and casseroles. The tagine, a hearty Moroccan dish, deliciously fits the bill. Tender, fragrant, sweet and savory; it is the epitome of comfort food.
Along the Mediterranean coast lies a stretch of mountains and desert known as the Rif, which is Arabic for “Edge of the cultivated land.” [...]


Pirates, Glitter and ARRR!

I’ve always been attracted to the pirate archetype. Not real pirates, the kind who actually go around looting and raping and pillaging, although I may well have some of those lurking on the decaying branches of my family tree, whose ragged leaves whisper of merchant seamen and stolen brides along the coasts of Malacca. No, it was not the dirty old brigands I admired, but the glamorized Hollywood ideal of [...]


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