Kid Crafts: All About Me

When my daughter was a toddler I cut out a huge letter D from construction paper and let her paint it. I mounted it on another piece of construction paper with a photo of her in the center of it. She loved to look through the book and tell me who she saw in the photos. She was learning about shapes so there was also a square, circle and triangle she had decorated.


Kids Crafts: Paint Away the Winter Blues

Winter is upon us and my children do not want to play out in the cold for very long. They say they are bored. How do I keep them busy? One thing that is always well received here are fun, often messy craft projects. They provide a creative outlet and often an interesting sensory experience. I honestly don’t have enough frames or refrigerator door space to display them all so [...]



Grow Your Own Lucky Sprouts

Found this great craft idea at www. and had to share their  idea here at HippyMom .  It’s a great fun craft for St. Patrick’s Day and allows your son or daughter to enjoy a craft while learning how sprouts grow.
Lucky Sprouts
Find luck this St. Patrick’s Day by growing your own Lucky Sprouts.

What You’ll Need:
Compressed sponge
Plate or pie pan
Quick-sprout seeds, such as cress or alfalfa
Plastic wrap
Markers (optional)


1. Download the PDF [...]


Listening and Working with Gourds

First of all, I would like to acknowledge this article as a lesson from my mother. This an art that she passed down to me, along with her personal beliefs on what the gourd represents. The gourd represents that shell that holds and supports us. We are taught to treat others with respect, but often overlook treating ourselves with gentleness. It is important to care [...]