Gypsy Jewels

Their nursing clips are beautiful. The sample I tried out was a lovely dark green and black piece of bead work that I would have been happy to wear as a necklace.


That's So Not Clay!

Some people say it’s magic because they can’t believe that the bead they’re looking at is made entirely of polymer clay. But you know what, they’re wrong. It’s not magic; its time, love and an eye for beauty. With a little manipulation and a few tricks of the trade, beautiful flowers bloom from lumps of solid colored clay. Please take a look at her website to see a brief photo [...]


Calming Winds Swoops in to join the HippyMom Online Fall Harvest Fair

In the CalmingWinds Room you will find LadyHawk.
She is a Reiki Master and healing arts student and has studied metaphysics for over 15 years and enjoys sharing multiple levels of energy work. At the HippyMom Fair she’ll be offering Reiki, Jewelry and Native American Wisdom Card Readings. There will be a variety of packages that combine all the things she loves. If you’re not sure what is Reiki or [...]


HippyMom Fall Festival is Coming!

Since the beginning of HippyMom time, our members have gathered together in the spirit of fun, enlightenment and random acts of intrigue in order to benefit our online community, or the world at large.
2009 is no different, and this year, we are proud to announce our Fall Festival!

From November 9-14, you will be delighted by our vendors, mesmerized by psychic readers, titillated by a belly dancer and [...]