How Reiki Makes a Difference

I not only learned to release that old energy with Reiki, a Japanese relaxation technique that keeps energy healthy and flowing, and other energy modalities, but I found that I could prevent taking on others’ energy in the first place. I released traumatic images and my energy started flowing for the first time in my life, so I began to share Reiki and teach others to do so as well.


The Five Minute Allergy Window

I knew Karl’s symptoms were serious and we had only minutes to get treatment. I’ve read all the literature and thought I was prepared but I had never given my son an EpiPen injection and was terrified. We just got off the phone with the allergist who told me Karl was in a serious situation and I’m in the middle of rush hour traffic.


Blood & Suck

If only this was about vampires. I dig vampires. Not the Twilight vampires, or the other shiny, sparkly vampire wanna-be craptastic love stories that are plaguing our innocent poster sections of stores, but cool vampires… like Dracula. He was awesome, in that “holy crap, that’s not a cool guy,” awesome sort of way. Team Drac, all the way.

Sadly, this isn’t about vampires. Its about blood, and my loss of iron. [...]


To Sunscreen or Not to Sunscreen

That is the question!!   There was a time when I just put whatever I wanted on my skin, having no regard to what was actually contained in the cream or lotion.  Unfortunately, in this day and age, what with the level of toxins in our daily lives reaching an all-time high, I really think it pays to limit your exposure to these nasties as much as you can.  By researching [...]


Fat Flush Plan

Looking to accelerate weight loss and maintain weight control, while managing hormones and bringing out your most radiant looks? The Fat Flush Plan promises to uncover and correct the five hidden factors that sabotage weight loss and vitality: liver health, food sensitivities and resulting waterlogged tissues, fear of eating fat, excess insulin/excess inflammation, and stress.
The Fat Flush Plan has three distinct phases, created to help you lose weight and to [...]