Flaming Baboon Ass

I am about to say the most unthinkable statement that has ever come out of my head.
Well, no, there have been plenty of these thoughts, but this is the one I choose to admit. Based on my blazing entry into fertility yesterday (just scroll down, k?), I have been walking around naked, wearing only a cock ring.
Name that movie and the first celebrity I wanted to… oh fuck, I can’t [...]


Grilled Cheese!

The other day, my good friend and partner in crime (well, we’ve not gotten to that phase of our relationship yet, but I sense tremendous potential), bellacotter, and I were talking about grilled cheese.
The End.
No, wait, come back!
Really, I promise there’s more!
Its a kind of top ten list of ways to make Grilled Cheese!!! Dedicated to my lovely bellacotter!
10. Wrap cheese with lightly buttered bread, wrap in aluminum foil [...]