Milkscreen: Mom’s Drink—Babies Don’t!

Some women get pregnant, have babies, and suddenly transform into MATERNAL WOMAN. You know–calico dresses with lace collars and an angelic demeanor that says, “I live and breathe for my precious children to whom I shall devote my entire life except for the times that my husband needs me.” Then there’s the rest of us.



Making Photos into Art!

I am not a decorator. By that, I mean that my walls are bare because I’m generally too focused on other, more practical endeavors, like road tripping. Its a curse, actually. My family and I moved into a house about 2.5 years ago that has a lot of wall space, and aside from fingerprints and various chocolate smudges, my walls are just as they were when we moved in. (I [...]



These Are Awesome Sunglasses

The fantastic people at MFS Eyewear sent me not one, but two pair of these glasses to review. With the Twitches, there is not a whole lot of sharing going on, especially if its pink and could be “princess” wear, so I cannot say how much I appreciate MFS Eyewear indulging me my girls with their own pair of Infinity Shades.
My girls are four and wear eyeglasses, so they [...]