On a Typical Morning...

The Imperial March begins to play on my phone… I wake up with Twitches in my bed, an Enigma reminding me that I do have to get up, and an insane urge to down a pot of coffee like a frat boy. We get out of my bed, stumble down the stairs, yell at Emo Boy to get his butt up, and start the morning with smiles, rainbows and a [...]


Now Hiring: Melia's Intern

In recent months, it has come to light that I’m one busy, badass mother… um… yeah. No, seriously, I’m swamped, all the time. I love it, I hate it, but its the truth and I’m just kind of at the point where I am no longer too proud to ask for help. The problem? I don’t actually have enough income to pay someone on a regular basis to take some [...]


I am SUCH a Bitch!

You can ask around, and most people will tell you that at one point or another, I have totally done something bitchtastic. Probably to that person, but, whatever. Bygones!
I even have a jacket that proclaims my bitchitude, courtesy of my mama. Its a well known fact that when you have apparel with words on it, you are officially an important member of that word club. Look it up.
But, first, you [...]


In Today's News...

I have a painful blood blister on my finger.
A man was wearing spandex overalls and lounging provocatively within my direct line of sight at Sbux.
My cat just brought me a dead cardinal.
There is a huge, huge correlation between drums and relationships, at least in my research on the Webs today. Also, there are a lot of lonely people asking for random love advice that I kind of want to start [...]


Why Hands are Awesome

I think it was back in fifth grade that I read Jacob, Have I Loved, and was immediately gripped by the attention the author paid to the symbolism and beauty of hands. I can remember reading and stopping to really look at my hands, which were pretty much as they are now, just hands. But, as the book proclaims, hands are never “just hands.” Hands are awesome.
That book began my weird [...]


Shoo! Shoo!

Its Monday morning, again. I’ve had one of those weeks of whirlwind activity that culminated in another birthday celebration for Enigma (must update “Cast” page) and, well, just stuff.
I was told, almost 6 weeks ago, that I was ready to “take off” during a reiki session. My BFF told me that I just needed to go out and have fun, meet people, be ME.   I figured it was the [...]


Let's Talk!

That’s what my brain said at 5am. It was time to talk. My brain has an issue with rudely waking me up, keeping me from sleeping, and all-around being a pain in the ass. But, we talked for about an hour before slipping blissfully back to sleep, 15 minutes before my alarm went off. It went something like this:
Brain: Good morning, me!
Me: Um, good morning. Its 5am and I will [...]


Tuesday is for Trippin'

Evidently, the Universe heard my plea for more fun and has granted me two nights of insomnia. I’m a lucky gal.
Those stupid, stupid thoughts that bounce around my brain because idiots and assholes can’t seem to understand that the world does not revolve around them.
Making new friends eventually requires discussing past issues, taking the fun out of a lot of things.
Maybe I think too much.
Gangsta rap.
20 year olds who question [...]