A Clean Room is a Happy Room

I had piles of papers, photos and a myriad of crap I had to go through in order to make my room mine again. It has been a day. A long, six hour day of meandering through memory lane and dust bunny hell.
When the music fails, and I have nothing to drown out the thoughts in my mind, I clean. I hate cleaning. I love the result, but the process [...]


I Always Miss All the Fun

I’m not going to blog about the DC Earthquake.
I’m not going to blog about Hurricane Irene.
Because, I missed both of them.
Lucky? Yes. Extremely. Left out? Totally.
I am practicing gratitude. Ommm.
I did have a fantastic weekend with my girls and their kids. My hurricane included nine children, and I lived to tell the tale. Awwww yeah. There’s just something about being around the people who were “there” for me when I [...]


Name Calling Sucks

Have you ever overheard a conversation (well, now, its read a Facebook status or Tweet) that you were 99% sure was about you (paranoia aside, of course) that maybe hurt your feelings, just a bit?
Not that this has ever happened to me, because I’m perfect… so I hear. But, we’ll pretend that it has happened, that someone has posted a statement, written a blog or said something while thinking I [...]


Memorial Day, Huzzah!

4 out-of-towners, 4 arrival times, 2 airports, one Melia… a grand total of maybe 9 hours of sleep from Friday – Monday morning. Aching abs, a perma-grin on my face and one of the most special weekends I’ve had, ever.
Heh. I totally fucking deserved it, too… plus, I still managed to volunteer, and it was a session all about healthy relationships and teenagers. I bit my lip through most of [...]



That Sucked.

The Grammy’s, that is. Wow, puddle of suck. Meh.
My weekend wasn’t much better, by the way. From online dramatics that are still reverberating in my brain to sheer exhaustion and Valentine’s day prep, and other changing dynamics, this weekend was a roller coaster. The Grammy’s were just a cherry on top of that cake that none of us ate on Saturday.
I think I need to get away. I have a [...]



There’s no other way to describe it. From the series of phone calls today, to the support of my friends online and even the offer to help me financially from someone I just kind of know…
I am a lucky, lucky girl.
Y’all are awesome. Each of you.


Live, from Stepford, its Saturday Night!

My blog has been a pain in the bum since Monday and is now finally working. Add it to my list of issues with technology lately, including my stove being a dick, my computer smelling like roasted fuck funk and my glorious SlackBerry flipping me off and throwing its ever-present hourglass at my head.
Its been a rough few days and I’ve thought about nothing but how much I never, ever, [...]