Wisteria Lane Block Party

Yep, I stole that “Wisteria Lane” thing. You’ll be fine, Freakles.
How do I begin this saga… with the “playbill” invitation I was given weeks ago announcing this Stepford Block Party, the one I conveniently put under a ton of other papers I’m ignoring? Maybe with the second reminder, much like my HOA dues, that was handed to me by a cute, yet devious child that was not related to me [...]


Curses! Foiled Again!

Well, its been a week. Um, a bad, hectic, draining and shitty week that has provided me with plenty of, well, stress. But, its over. My taxi-driving to and from 2 different camps has ended, and no children were harmed by their day camp experiences. I got paid, I got vodka. Freedom got out of the hospital on Tuesday and spent three days on “basement arrest,” during which he was not allowed [...]


How I Spent My Spring Break

Or… can I get the last 10 days of my life back?
No, seriously, it wasn’t that bad, but I was busy. Busy being supermom, meeting a deadline that involved 25 of the most painful articles I’ve ever written, discovering my new forms of PTSD related to the topics I write about weekly and figuring out where I’m going to go in fall, unless someone pulls a carpet out from under [...]


Newness, Nostalgia, Nosy, Nosy, Nosy

Back when Freedom joined my crew, almost a year ago (jeebus), I joked that he only stayed around because of the newness and nostalgia. The newness of not being in Arkansas, the newness of my Awesome, the newness of playing “Uncle” to a slew of children. Coupled with the newness was the nostalgia of hanging out with my Awesome and remembering all of the trouble we used to get into [...]


Bulls Scare the Pee Outta Me

Finally, a day out of NoVa!
The kiddos, Freedom and I took the opportunity to flee Stepford on Saturday and head, well, anywhere. It was well past time to get the hell out and have some fun. Out. Away. Gone. Vamoosed.
Did we go to Baltimore and hang out at the Inner Harbor?
Did we go MOTORIN’! with go-karts and eat funnel cakes?
Did we frolic through DC?
You see, after about an hour of [...]


It Just Occurred to Me...

Before I crash for the night and do those things that only I can do when alone (heh), I had a thought today. Well, at least one, but probably a few.
Emo Boy may only be supporting LGBT rights so vehemently because he suspects I’m gay.
He also said one of the bittersweetest things to me tonight that pretty much ripped my heart out… that he has only ever had one person [...]


Poo on Columbus Day

Three-day weekends mess with my head. Most people look forward to them, but the fact is that no matter what is going on in the “real world” out there, I have to work or I don’t get paid, and that kind of pisses me off. Government and school holidays be damned, I want a Melia Day where I don’t tire my fingers out and still get a nice little gift [...]


Its Over! Its Over!

Birthday Hell Week has come to an end. Three birthdays in six days requiring cakes (not that I did those, but its still pressure, yo), presents, and the rest of the festivities (oh, wait, I don’t do those stupid huge parties anymore)… but, its over, and I can rest.
Enigma is 10 now, and I had the great honor of telling him that the uncle he was named after was at [...]